The Ultimate Wedding Performance!

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If you’re after the ultimate wedding band and fancy hearing Mick’s world famous vocals along with some smooth licks from Keith’s guitar, well, you can…That’s right, if you’d like The Rolling Stones to be your wedding band, simply cough up £5 million and they’re yours! They are officially the most expensive wedding band. Elton John comes in at £2 million, as does Kylie and Sir Paul McCartney will serenade you for a cool million. It would be great wouldn’t it and it got us thinking – whose were the most extravagant wedding of all time? Well we’ve done our research…

As early as 1770, Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI had an exceptionally modest wedding – inviting just 5,000 of their closest friends and family. Bet they really enjoyed that line up…

Our lovely Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Edward married in 1946. It was an intimate affair, being broadcast to 2 million radio listeners, with 2,000 guests in attendance. No fewer than 10,000 pearls adorned the royal bride’s beautiful wedding gown.

Ever wondered where Oktoberfest originated from? Well, it all started at the wedding of Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese in 1810, who had such a fun filled festival for their nuptials, which lasted for numerous days, they decided to do the same every year, hence – Oktoberfest.

In true seventies style, Sly Stone and Kathy Silva wed at Sly’s Madison Square Garden show in front of 21,000 people! Both bride and groom looked suitably fabulous dressed head to toe in gold.

A wedding to Trump all others (geddit), Donald Trump splashed out on Cristal champagne, caviar, lobster and topped everything off with a Grand Marnier chocolate truffle cake at his wedding to Melania Knauss in 2005. In two words. Full. Up.

Sadly these two have parted ways (rumour has it that Scientology got in the way), however Tom Cruise and Katy Holmes certainly had an A list guestlist – Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez and the Beckhams were just some of the guests in attendance! Will and Jen as the Wedding band duo would have been special, eh?

What does a wedding always need? A bride? Yep. Groom? It helps. Elephants? If you’re Katy Perry and Russell Brand then yes. Elephants galore at their wedding! Surely no one else had elephants, right? Wrong! Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden also invited our trumpeting friends. However they beat Katy and Russell overall in the wedding stakes – for Nicole had 3 whole wedding dresses. Probably in case she got too close to an elephant.

Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge – Remember their big day? You probably do. Televised to millions across the UK, their nuptials were so popular that our friends across the pond woke up as early as we do when we want to watch the Oscars! £800,000 was spent in flowers and the cake came in at a whopping £80,000. Countless royals attended, the Beckhams (obvs) were there as well as nobles Lords and Lasses from across the land.

Michael Douglases and Catherine Zita Jones’ invitations were written in INVISIBLE INK and used holograms, sent to a star studded guest list that included Sean Connery, Michael Cane and Jack Nicholson *swoon*. In keeping with the secret spy theme, the wedding’s venue, the New York Plaza Hotel was completely secure, with more than 50 rent-a-cops guarding the place with their lives. Catherine’s tiara cost $300,000 and it was no sample sale for this bride, her Christian Lacroix dress came in at a cool $140,000.

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills’ wedding was Indian-themed and took place at St. Salvador’s church in Monaghan, Ireland. Indian dancers, a vegetarian feast, £145,000 worth of flowers and £150,000 worth of fireworks really got the party started and Paul, George, and Ringo played a new song, “Heather” (if only we’d had a personalised first dance…). Such a shame it all went a bit wrong, though Paul is happily married once again.

A wedding where Michael Jackson was the best man and Elizabeth Taylor was Maid of Honour is probably worth mentioning. So this was possibly the most star studded wedding of all time with a wedding band that was second to none – Tony Bennett, Natalie Cole and Steve Wonder, complete with a 60 piece orchestra. Wow. Who’s wedding? Liza Minelli and David Guest!

Last but not least, Prince Charles and Princess Diana. These two married at St Paul’s Cathedral, which was attended by numerous members of the royal family (intimate),along with two million spectators and TV audience worldwide of 750 million (not intimate at all). Diana wore a classic meringue, complete with a 25 foot train. Leaving no stone unturned, their 27 wedding cakes and main five foot high cake is rumoured to have taken 14 weeks to prepare (are well the only ones thinking ‘sell by date’), with an identical spare made in case of any unfortunate incidents!

So there you have it. We’re suitably impressed by these fabulous unions of two people, however it has left us craving a quaint country garden wedding, in a remote location, attended by just a handful of our nearest and dearest, Paul on the acoustic as we walk down the aisle J

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