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Ah,  the wedding dances. Generally a bit booze fuelled and generally amongst strangers or family members you don’t see very often, a veritable recipe for both enthusiastic and sometimes acrobatic shape throwing.  There’s nothing we like better as a Wedding band than seeing each and every guest enjoy themselves through the medium of dance (plus, our singer is always up there shuffling with the best of them!).

So, we’ve pulled together our top 5 faves and in at number 5, you’ve got the teenage shimmy. We recently witnessed an unassuming  teen being dragged onto the dancefloor by Aunty Sue*, only for the poor lad to gently shift from one foot to the other to our particuarly upbeat version of ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’. Everyone around him was dancing as though life depended on it, but not poor Will*. His feet grew tired after approximately 26 seconds but still had enough energy to march back to his hysterical mates whilst Aunty Sue was mid signing, sealing and delivering her mail to Uncle Jim and thus far too busy to notice.

In at number 4 is the gal pal dance. Handbags and shoes form a tribal unit with which to dance aroound, with shrieks of ‘I love you’s filling the air and some Harlem Shuffle to make Beyonce proud. These lasses enjoy a wedding boogie to Kings of Leon, Stevie Wonder and of course, Queen Beyonce herself.

Number 3 brings you what we affectionately call ‘Gran’s Dance’. Making like it’s 1948, these dears tear up the joint and it’s not long before their granddaughters (gal pals) are stealing thier dance moves! With some hand jives and charlton esque fancy feet, these ladies show the youngsters how it’s really done.

Runner up in numner two is the kids. For one, seeing every single one of their relatives moves in a very unusual way must be slightly off putting but they always give it a good go. Little ladies twirl in their briedesmaid dresses preteneding theyre from Frozen (play your cards write and we might be able to fit in a sneaky performance of ‘Let it Go’ for the little ones), while the lads are busy practicing their football skids. We admit, it’s not exactly dancing put all part of what a good old wedding reception is all about.

Now, drum rolls if you will, our official favourite dance comes from no other than your Dad. We love it. We’ve played functions in London, weddings in Surrey, Anniversary celebrations in Essex, Birthday parties in  Hampshire and what’s the common theme? The Dad Dance. Whether its a hip swinging Elvis manouvre, the simple but trusty hand point or a full on shake, rattle and roll (one of our Father in Law’s favourite is ‘the shark’ dance. Yes.  Really.). There’s nothing like the Dad dance, trusty, reliable and no wedding party is complete without one. GO DADs, GO!


*names have been changed for these disco dancers’ anonymity

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